How to install Xpadder on Windows PC

Using a Windows computer on a daily basis can be useful for some people because it contains a whole bunch of features which can be very interesting.

Since the appearance of Windows 8 on Windows computers, it is now possible to download various applications through Windows Store, Microsoft’s online application store where free and paid applications are available to you. Therefore, your Windows computer has the possibility of getting as close as possible to tablets and smartphones, whose main feature is downloading and using applications.

Through this tutorial, we will show you how to install Xpadder on Windows PC and then how to update Xpadder.

Install Xpadder on Windows PC

Before starting this tutorial, make sure you have Windows 8 or newer version on your computer.

If not, you will not be able to install any apps. To start this tutorial, you need to go to the home page of your Windows PC.

Then, at the bottom left of your screen, you will see a white square made up of four more white squares, which represents your computer menu.

You will see the menu of your computer appear where you will find all the programs on your PC, sorted in alphabetical order.

You just have to click on the right part of the menu on “Windows Store” characterized by a small white purse. You also have the possibility of finding it in all the programs in the menu down to the letter W. You can also quite simply, without going through the menu of your computer, click on the task bar, located in bottom of your screen, where you will also find the Windows Store icon.

Installing Xpadder on Windows PC

Once you are on the Windows Store, you simply have to type Xpadder in the search bar or visit Xpadder official website:

Even if you typed Xpadder correctly, it is possible that more than one application will appear because they have the same characteristics as Xpadder.

Therefore, click on the application. All you have to do is read the ratings and user reviews of the app to make sure it meets your requirements.

You can also look at the photos available for this application. Finally, click on “Install” then Xpadder will be installed on your Windows PC.

In order to make sure that the application has been installed, either you click on “Open” from the Windows Store or you can search for Xpadder in the “Menu” where the applications are sorted alphabetically.

Xpadder updates on Windows PC

Like all applications, whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone, they must be regularly updated so that you can take full advantage of its features.

First, you need to go to “Windows Store” in one of the three ways explained in the previous paragraph. At the top right of the Windows Store page, you will see “Update” written. Click on this button to check whether Xpadder is up to date or not. If Xpadder appears in this list, then select it and click “Install” at the bottom of your computer screen.

Xpadder will update.

Wait a few seconds for the app to update.

It’s over ! Remember to check from time to time whether Xpadder needs an update or not.

We have completed this tutorial on installing Xpadder on your Windows computer . The operations to install Xpadder are very simple.

However, if you still encounter some difficulty installing Xpadder or another application, do not hesitate to contact a friend who will be able to help you.

You will not need to contact a computer expert, but simply someone who knows a little about new technologies.