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Seedbox Vs VPN: Which is a Better Option?

Nowadays, you learn about new companies or websites getting hacked every day that were earlier said to be unhackable. Well, it is quite scary to know that your system could be compromised and someone could end up getting all your important details to impersonate you or worse, rob you.

How can you ensure that your web stays secure and private?

written Seedbox Vs VPN: Which is a better option?

Well, there are basically two options for you: a seedbox and a VPN. But which one should you choose for better security? Which one is better for sharing files?

Lucky for you, we have answered all these questions in this article! Yes, that’s right. You can learn all about VPNs and seedboxes and compare both of their features to understand which would be a better choice for you. So, keep reading on.

What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a remote server that is hosted in a high-speed data center and acts as a middle-man between the torrent sites and your computer. And these servers offer amazing security when you are uploading or downloading the torrent files.

In fact, if anyone tried to trace the download or the upload, they will only get to know the seedbox IP address and won’t have any information on the downloads and uploads that occur between your computer and the seedbox.

Features and Benefits of Using a Seedbox

Here are a few benefits and features of using a seedbox that make it such a good choice for maintaining privacy and security:

Amazing Bandwidth

One of the best things about seedboxes is that it allows the users to download and upload torrent files throughout the day. And since these remote servers are located in a data center with high bandwidth, the speed ranges between 100 Mbps and 10 Gbps.

So, you can download unlimited torrent files without worrying about the bandwidth and make use of the huge storage space offered by the seedboxes (up to 3 TB). As a result, the seedbox can instantaneously download and upload the files.

That’s not all, seedboxes also use the BitTorrent Protocol that is the popular way of sharing files in a peer-to-peer network. So, the large digital files like movies, TV series, etc. are shared with the end-user using this protocol. That is one of the major reasons why seedbox offers such a high Internet speed to the users.

Circumvent ISPs

Another major benefit of using a seedbox is that it manages the ISP restrictions and circumvents them. Your ISP can often note the information being shared and the torrent websites from where you are downloading or uploading the files. So, to manage your sharing, the ISP can block a few websites or reduce your speed for these torrent websites.

However, with a seedbox, you don’t have to worry about this anymore as ISP doesn’t see the torrent file is being downloaded from the seedbox to your computer. It assumes it to be a normal file and doesn’t create any restrictions.

Ensures Privacy

Another major feature of seedboxes is that they are highly safe and secure. We all know that torrent sites are highly insecure but with a seedbox, you don’t have to worry about this.

Since it hides your computer IP address and displays its own public IP address, hackers are unable to detect your IP address and information.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network establishes a private virtual network that keeps your data secure and encrypted when you are sharing files with other networks on the Internet. It is not a dedicated server, like a seedbox, but an encrypted network for sending data over the public, unsecured network.

VPNs are majorly used for accessing region-restricted websites as it can hide your hosting address from everyone so you easily bypass the restrictions. To access a VPN, you will have to log in to your VPN client from your computer system and after that, this VPN enables your computer to exchange trusted keys so that your network can be encrypted.

Features and Benefits of Using a VPN

Here are a few top features of using a VPN that make it such a good choice for encrypting your traffic:

Protects your IP

One of the best features of a VPN is that it allows you to stay completely anonymous while surfing the web as it hides your IP address from everyone on the network. If someone would try to trace your IP address, they would be shown the IP of the VPN instead which could be of any random location.

Circumvent Geo-Restrictions

Apart from protecting your IP address, a VPN also allows you to bypass the location-based restrictions on several websites so you can enjoy the content from the comfort of your home, without anyone being the wiser.

That’s not all, this comes really handy when you are traveling and need to watch the content of a different location. A VPN will reroute your traffic so it looks like you are accessing the content from the country of the show itself.

Allows Remote Access

Another advantage of using a VPN is that it allows businesses with companies at different locations around the world to share their files and access computer information through a VPN. This way, your employees that work remotely can easily access the data on private servers.

Complete Encryption of Network

One of the most important features of a VPN is that it completely encrypts all the data when you browsing the Internet. If you integrate your server with a VPN, then you never read more